PVE Instructions

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Game rules:

1. Open rewards from 1st to 3rd every week, clear the battlefield and release rewards on 4th week
2. one world boss appears, all players can participate in the battle
3. Players can only choose 5 Rare or above warriors to team up to attack, and each player can only attack once an hour
4. If the boss is defeated within the specified time, all players who participate in the battle will get the reward, otherwise there will be no reward
5. Each battle requires an admission ticket, and you cannot enter without purchasing an admission ticket

Data Algorithm:

1. The blood volume of the first BOSS = the number of all players * 20% * 3 days * 6 times / day * 300 (3-star hero attack value upper limit)
2. If you successfully defeated the boss last week, the blood volume of this week is the last week’s boss blood volume * 110%
3. If the boss was not defeated last week, the HP of this week is the HP of the previous boss * 90%
4. All ticket sales go to the prize pool
5. The total bonus pool*5% is used as the reward for defeating the BOSS in this issue
6. The player who defeats the boss at the end will get 10% of the current prize pool
7. The remaining 90% is used for all players’ damage ranking rewards, and the reward algorithm is A player’s reward = current bonus * 90% / all players’ total damage * A player’s total damage
8. There is a 10% chance that the player’s hero will play a MISS attack




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